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Chicken Caravan 130

The Chicken Caravan can hold up to 130 laying chickens.

The Chicken Caravan can be surrounded by Electric Chicken Fencing, to keep your chickens contained and predators out.


The egg collection area has a fold down shelf at the end of the conveyor belt to place your Egg Trays on for easy collection.

Houses 130 laying hens
Rollaway nesting boxes
Conveyor belt for egg collection
Two pull out shade/shelter doors on lockable gas struts
Constructed with Galvanised Steel
Auto Open/Close nesting boxes powered by solar

Optional extras for Chicken Caravan 130

    • Automated doors
    • Nipple drinkers
    • Lighting system





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All the Chicken Caravans are “flat packed” – all items to build are packed on a pallet, ready to assemble with instructions. This can make freight substantially cheaper.

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Want something smaller? Have a look at our Chicken Caravan 30

Please note the Chicken Caravan now comes with steel perches not timber as seen in the video.

What Happens When I Order a Chicken Caravan 130?

FAQs about our new Flat Packed Chicken Caravans

Will I have to weld the Chicken Caravan together?

No. The outside structure is bolted together, and the nesting boxes are pop riveted together

How long does it take to put together?

The Chicken Caravan 130 takes 2 people about 3 days.

What options can I get on the New Chicken Caravan 130?

Lighting kit to extend hours of day light to improve production.

What tools do I need to assemble the Chicken Caravan 130?

    • Cordless drill
    • Socket set
    • Spanner set
    • Car stands
    • Pop rivet gun
    • Chalking gun
    • Tape measure
    • Tools that we recommend to make assembly easier:
    • Air impact wrench
  • Air pop rivet gun

Can I just buy the flat packed nesting boxes and put them in my own shed?

Yes, we do offer just our nesting system, see this page for sizes and prices.

I am not good at putting things together. Can I pay extra and get you to assemble it for me?

Yes certainly, we do offer workshop assembly. For customers from Australia, please contact us for more details on this service.

How is the Flat Pack Chicken Caravan Delivered to me?

We can arrange delivery of your Flat Pack Chicken Caravan with a Trucking Company. Please contact us and we can send you a quote.

I don’t live in Australia, do you sell your Caravans overseas?

Yes, we send Chicken Caravans globally, Please contact us and we can send you a quote.

How does deposit and payment for Chicken Caravans work?

Once we have worked out an estimated date for delivery, a deposit of 50% of the invoice will be required along with a signed copy of our terms and conditions to secure your order.
The remaining 50% amount will be paid prior to dispatch.