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Meat Chickens improving pasture with S. . .(read more . .)

Daniel shows you the features of the Chicken. . .(read more . .)

Collect Clean Eggs Fast. Clean eggs = fast. . .(read more . .)

Daniel shows you the Chicken Caravan Skid feeders. They hold 120-150 kg of chicken feed and only have 1 moving part (the lid). The base skids are made of hot dip galvanised steel. . .(read more . .)

See what Shannon from Full Circle Farm says about Daniels book Pastured Egg Farming Success. This book teaches you the steps you need to . . .(read more . .)

This awesome farm that is about an hour and a half west of Sydney has 3 Chicken Caravan 450’s and . . . (read more. .)

Cell grazing with an electric fence? . . .(read more . .)

Joel Salatin talks about how we often think that the grass is greener on the other side and shares about how . . .(read more . .)

Today I interview Georgia Lienemann from Georgia is a qualified nutritionist that understands the importance of . . .(read more . .)

On 26 February 2017 I left home at 4 am and boarded a plane to Melbourne. After I hired a car in Melbourne I drove for a little over an hour to Jonai Farms in Eganstown Victoria Australia. I went down to Victoria  for a fundraising event for the Australian food sovereignty alliance and Joel Salatin was . . .(read more . .)

Watch the first part of Andy and Ben Eat Australia a show that is broadcast on SBS in . . .(read more . .)

Joel Salatin at talking Jonai Farms about Moving, Mobbing and Mowing.
This will help you understand cell grazing and . . .(read more . .)

Just for fun I got up super early and hoped on a train for about 4 hours to take the journey down to Buena Vista Farm located at Gerringong New South Wales. Gerringong is located about 2 hour south of Sydney or about 40 minutes south of . . .(read more . .)

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