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Chicken Caravan 30 coming to Indiegogo

Coming to Indiegogo soon.

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A few features of the Chicken Caravan 30

  • Designed to hold up to 30 regular sized laying hens

  • Automatic door to let the birds out in the morning and closes them in at night
  • Rollaway nesting box that can be levelled out when parked on uneven ground

  • Automatic nesting box gates, that closes the nest at night (no more dirty eggs)

  • Solar system and battery for the auto doors and nesting box gates

  • Nipple drinkers to provide the hens with clean water – (You will need to provide your own 4-7 gallon container)

  • Galvanised heavy duty steel feeder mounted under the Chicken Caravan 30

  • Ramp that gives your hens access to the Chicken Caravan

  • The roof lifts up on each side so that you can have access to all areas of the Caravan

  • Three wheels, one that swivels with a tow handle so that it can be moved around by hand

  • Brake on the swivel wheel, to help stop the caravan from rolling when parked on a slope

  • The caravan is about 4 foot 9 inches long, 4 foot 9 inches wide and 3 foot 9 inches high. It weighs about 300 lbs when it is empty.