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Owning Chickens Info Pack


8 Mistakes

In this video you will learn the 8 mistakes

            1. Fencing
            2. Stationary Coop 
            3. Auto Closing Door
            4. Rollaway Nesting Boxes
            5. Nesting Box Excluders  
            6. Nipple Drinkers 
            7. Timber Chicken Coop 
            8. Hot Dip Galvanized

Veggie Garden

How chickens help your veggie garden?

In this video you will learn how chickens can help your vegetable garden


Setting Up Electric Chicken Fence

In less than 4 minutes daniels sets up 25 metres of electric chicken fence. 


Chicken Caravan 30

Discover the Chicken Caravan 30 and learn how this chicken coop that houses 30 chickens can save you time and money while housing up to 30 laying hens.


Chicken Caravan 10

The Chicken Caravan 10 is our smallest Chicken Caravan it can house up to 10 laying hens.



Find out more about Chicken Caravan 30

Find out more about Chicken Caravan 10


Learn More About Electric Chicken Fence