What is Chicken Caravan Members Area?

Its an online training resource centre of all you need to know to build a profitable pastured egg farm.

What will I find inside the Members Area?

You will find a complete library of valuable sessions to build your egg business as well as a community of pastured egg farmers and leaders in the sustainable farming movement to discuss ideas and training with.


Since starting my own chicken business at the age of 15 years old I have started and sold my own pastured free range egg business, helped set up over 30 pastured egg farms in every state of Australia and I’ve learnt a thing or two about:

  • Selling eggs
  • Marketing an Egg business
  • Creating an egg carton label
  • Building websites
  • Facebook marketing
  • Youtube marketing
  • Story telling to engage customers
  • Hen health
  • Cell Grazing
  • Using hens along side other livestock
  • Using hens to fertilise farms
  • Weed control with chickens
  • Hen health
  • Raising chickens
  • Getting rid of old hens
  • Selling an egg business
  • Building chicken sheds
  • Protecting hens from foxes
  • Using maremma dogs for hen protection
  • Using alpacas for hen protection
  • Moveable electric chicken fencing
  • Running events on farm



Learn the essentials of starting and growing a pastured egg business, from planning and strategy to sales, marketing, distribution, pricing, labelling, hen welfare and much much more.


Get instant access to trainings that cover different aspects of starting and running a successful egg farm.


Being part of a community of like minded people speeds up your learning process and provides you with the support you need to get results faster than going it alone.

Chicken Caravan Membership access is just $600 a year.


What Our Customers Say


“I have known Daniel for several years he has helped us with a very valuable advice over the years that has helped us build a successful and profitable egg farm. Just one piece of his advice helped to make an extra $4000 on something that I was doing. I would encourage anyone that wants to start a free range egg farm to get coaching from Daniel and his team”

– Shane Ellis Gippsland Free Range Eggs



“Daniel has been instrumental in helping us refine our pastured egg business. His experience and willingness to help has enabled us to find many efficiencies and improvements in our processes as well as trouble shooting when things haven’t quite gone to plan! Daniel has a deep knowledge of the egg business and we value our ongoing relationship with him”

– Adam Walmsley Buena Vista Farm



“I have had the pleasure of having Daniel as a great support in my farming endeavours not only with the innovative products he has produced but the insights and wealth of knowledge he is willing to share in the name of better farming practice. Daniels experience and attitude towards farming has certainly been of great help for me on the ground as a farmer.”

– Andrew Cameron Byron Grass Fed