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Here’s a Sneak Peak Inside Pastured Egg Farming Success…

Part 1 – The Strong Demand For Ethical Eggs

How the Environmental Movement is changing consumer preferences to pay more for eggs that are produced ethically
How your farm’s paddocks will produce healthier, more nutritious grass with the help of happy hens
Why pastured Egg Farming could have the lowest barrier to entry and be quickest to repay your investment

Part 2 – How To Setup Your Egg Business

How to start small and scale up
How to use mobile sheds to save hundreds of hours in labour
How to reach customers who become loyal, lifelong fans of your eggs and other farm produce

Part 3 – How to Setup Your Farm

How to choose the right breed of hens
How to feed, water, maintain health and protect your hens from predators
How to systemise activities like checking, packing and fencing to save time, money and labour

What others have said about the Book

“Pastured Egg Farming Success is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to understand basic information regarding raising poultry. We will be recommending this book to people who enquire about resources to help them raise chickens. ”

Katrina Hobbs – Managing Director of Country Heritage Feeds
Certified Organic Stockfeed
Pittsworth, Queensland

“Applying the principles and practices described in Pastured Egg Farming Success and Holistic Management, we have significantly improved the quality of our pastures, and our business has grown exponentially because customers love our eggs.”

Sue Williams
Manager, Topi Open Range Organic Eggs

“An interesting read for both Farmer and Consumers alike!”

Tom Abbottsmith
Tom’s Paddock
Glenburn, Victoria

“A welcome, informative text for anyone considering growing pasture-raised eggs. Heaps of information shared by someone who’s done it and succeeded.”

Anthony & Brenda Lipsys
Blue Sky Heritage Eggs

“A very informative read and a great kick start for anybody who is thinking about getting started.”

Marnie Ellis