Chicken Caravan 30 AUD

Chicken Caravan 30

Now You Can Live The Country Life – In Your Own Backyard

You said you wanted a smaller Chicken Caravan.

You said you wanted to keep all the Automation, Labour Saving and Clean Egg benefits.

You said you wanted a durable, elegant design that would enable you to keep 30 chickens.

We listened.

Introducing the New Chicken Caravan 30

Finally, a chicken coop that is really easy to move 

A few features of the Chicken Caravan 30

    • Designed to hold up to 30 Isa Brown hens

    • Rollaway nesting box that can be levelled out when parked on uneven ground

    • Automatic nesting box gates, that closes the nest at night (no more dirty eggs)

    • Automatic door to let the birds out in the morning and closes them in at night

    • Solar system and battery for the auto doors and nesting box gates

    • Nipple drinkers to provide the hens with clean water – (You will need to provide your own 20 or 25 L container)

    • Galvanised steel feeder that is mounted under the Chicken Caravan

    • Pull out ramp that gives your hens access to the Chicken Caravan

    • The roof lifts up on each side so that you can have access to all areas of the Caravan

    • Three wheels, one that swivels with a tow handle so that it can be moved around by hand

    • Brake on the swivel wheel, to help stop the caravan from rolling when parked on a slope


Tank Specifications – Provide Your Own:
  • 20 – 30 liter capacity
  • Height: no greater than 500mm
  • Diameter / width: no greater than 400mm
  • 25mm female threaded tap adapter

What Happens When I Order a Chicken Caravan 30?




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Imagine being able to look out your window and see a flock of beautiful, happy hens.

They’re chasing bugs, enjoying the sun and the green grass, and producing the finest quality pastured eggs for your family and friends to enjoy.

You don’t need to be constantly tending to them. Once a day is fine – your hens have access to everything they need.

Plenty of food, water, shelter, and freedom to run around and be chickens, as nature intended.

By night, you sleep soundly knowing your hens are safe from predators.

In addition to the protection of a portable electrified fence, they have been safely secured in their home

Without you having to do a thing.

By day, their home opens by itself and lets them out onto fresh grass to express their ‘chickenness’.

Imagine a chicken house so well designed, you would never have to scrape out manure.

A water system that consistently delivers water.

Eggs that stay clean.

You don’t have to imagine any more.

Chicken Caravan 30

Smart, intuitive design – Keeping chickens has never been so enjoyable

  • Three large base wheels ensure all wheels are always in contact with the ground, keeping the unit stable and easy for you to move
  • Long handle allows you to easily move the Chicken Caravan 30 by hand
  • Gas struts enable you to lift the lid of the Caravan for easy access to the  inside

The most delicious eggs you’ve ever tasted. Without all the hard work

  • Rollaway nesting boxes that can be leveled so it can be used on uneven ground – a chicken coop you can put almost anywhere.
  • Automatic doors close the nesting box by night – so you don’t have to clean hen droppings out of the nesting box.
  • Eggs roll away from the hens into a separate collection bay – so you don’t have to clean the eggs.
  • Fast, easy egg collection from the side of the unit – you can be out to collect the eggs and back inside in the time it takes to boil the kettle.

Clean water

that doesn’t leave mud everywhere

  • Room to install your own water tank up to 30L in capacity, delivering clean water so your hens are happy and hydrated. To help you save on shipping costs, you can source this water tank from your local hardware store.
  • Nipple drinkers deliver a controlled flow of water only when activated by your hens – so there’s no wastage, and you never have to clean a water bowl.

A coop that helps protect your chickens for you

  • When enclosed in a portable, electrified chicken fence, the Chicken Caravan offers an extra layer of protection. The solar powered and 24 hour timed door opens in the morning to let the chickens out, and closes at night to keep them secure in their home. This all happens automatically.
  • The timer can be changed according to your location and sunlight hours so you don’t need to worry if your chickens want to go to bed later – simply program this into the timer.
  • Easy access, mesh slide-out ramp enables the hens to get up into their home, off the ground – preventing dead patches of grass and bad smells.

Attractive, and Strong

At the same time

The 0.9mm sheet metal exterior is not only great at protecting your hens from harsh weather, but also lurking predators.

The compact sheet metal design is modern, streamlined and sleek.  So when your friends come over to look at it, you can feel proud of your Chicken Caravan.

With it’s silver coloured finish, it will naturally reflect much of the hot Summer sun.

Of course, you could get one made out of wood.

However, steel will last much longer. It is also more hygienic and less susceptible to carrying disease.

We also think it looks much nicer.

So whats New on the 2018/2019 4th Generation Chicken Caravan 30

We have a totally new updated feeder giving hens better access to the feed.

The mesh floor has a new design that allows manure to fall away easily to keep the entire unit more hygienic

The biggest addition to this new model is the brand new ChickenMaster intelligent control centre. This enables you to select different times to open and close the Chicken Caravan to to times that you want to open and close the nesting boxes. This exact same ChickenMaster intelligent control centre is also now being used on our Chicken Caravan 130 and 450 models. This is commercial quality custom engineered software automation, and as a commitment to delivering quality we wanted to put it into the Chicken Caravan 30 also, giving you the state of the art technology.

Got Questions? Ask the Team here

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