Borotto Sirio Humidity Pump

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Borotto Sirio Humidity Pump

Borotto Sirio Humidity Pump

New and improved! The stability of relative humidity during the incubation process is one of the key element ensuring a good hatching rate and the birth of healthy and viable chicks. With this goal in mind, we have designed and built the the SIRIO automatic humidifier which allows water to enter the incubator automatically without any operator intervention. 

This product is available to Australian customers only

This device, designed for Borotto machines, but adaptable to any brand of incubator, allows an adequate level humidity during incubation and hatching to be maintained, regardless of ambient humidity changes, enhanching the perecentage of successful hatchings incubated eggs.

SIRIO includes a double-head peristaltic pump controlled by a microcomputer that, thanks to a modified PID algorithm, continously controls water delivery.  A connected atest-generation electronic sensor (Swiss-made Sensirion),  precisely measures the humidity within the machine during the entire incubation cycle, and this absolute stability is guaranteed for more than ten years. 

SIRIO draws from an external water reserve, such as a normal bottle or small tank, entering the amount of water required to ensure the ideal level of humidity as previuosly set on its liquid crystal display. As the water is supplied, the display shows rotation of the motor, providing direct visual information about the decive’s operation. SIRIO satisfies the requirements of the automatic humidity control of incubators with capacities of up to 500 eggs. Please follow the enclosed instructions carefully. 

  • Please note that humidity pumps will struggle to regulate humidity when outside “relative” humidity conditions are high.  Just as an incubator will struggle on really hot days all humidity pumps will not be effective on really humid days. 

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