Chicken Caravan 30 Lighting Kit - Gen 5

Chicken Caravan 30 lighting kit - Gen 5

Chicken Caravan 30 lighting kit – Gen 5

Designed to be installed to a Chicken Caravan 30 that as a Chicken Master Control box.

This product is available to Australian customers only
  • No need to add an extra battery it’s suitable to use power from the existing battery.
  • Can be used for up to 5 hours a day on existing battery 
  • Suitable for use in all states of Australia
  • Comes with installation manual and all the screws and clips
  • The only tool you need is a cordless drill driver to install
  • Hens lay based on day length. During winter the days are shorter. By using a lighting kit in winter you can increase the day length and this can increase hens production. A lighting kit is very beneficial in the south half of Australia where the days are shorter in winter. You might not see much change in production in the middle of summer or in the northern part of Australia because the days are already long. Our recommendation is if you live south of Brisbane you will see an increase in production in the Autumn and Winter months.