Coaching Discovery Call

After 10 years of helping people set up profitable pastured egg farms. Chicken Caravan Co-Founder Daniel OBrien is now offering one on one Farm Business Coaching.

This is what Pete (one of Daniels clients) had to say.

“Hi Daniel,

Happy to talk to any potential farmers and sing your praises.
You have definitely helped us out and saved us a tonne of money and a bucket load of time.

Cheers Pete”


Daniel here.

When I first talked to Pete he was working full time, traveling away for work more than he wanted to, he wanted to find a way to make income on the farm. 

So I started coaching Pete and his wife.

When I started the coaching they DID NOT HAVE

  • A name for their farm/business

  • A logo 

  • A website

  • A Facebook page

  • Any customers buying eggs

After 3 months (6 coaching sessions)

  • They now have 450 hens

  • A logo

  • A farm name

  • Egg cartons with their name and logo

  • A Facebook page

  • A marketing system that is bringing in new customers

  • Facebook messages from people wanting their eggs (EVERY DAY).

  • Customers buying their eggs

  • Retail shops selling their eggs

Pete finishes up with his full-time employment in 7 weeks from now and is then going to be working full time on his farm business. 


I make sure the focus is “Getting Customers”.  It’s the only thing that pays you.  Daniel OBrien

You can have the best produce in the world but if no one is buying it because no one knows about it you are not going to make any money.



Here’s how the coaching works.

We will have 2 Video zoom calls a month (normally a fortnight apart) During these calls I discover the biggest opportunities on your farm and we make an action plan together and you go away and follow the action steps and we touch base on the next call and review your steps and go again.

Most of the coaching is business strategy, marketing strategy and setting up distribution channels, I do also help with farm management but mainly focus on the business, marketing and distribution side of things.

This coaching is only for people that are keen to set up a profitable farm and willing to get advice and work hard. 

This coaching is $550 (including GST) per calendar month.

This coaching is only offered to approved applicants (I need to make sure you are a good fit) 

If you would like to apply you can book in for a $17 discovery call that will go for about 45 minutes. On this call I will asking you a few questions and share a little more about the program. At the end of the call if you qualify you will have the opportunity to get started. If we decide this is not right for you yet hopefully you got huge value from a 45 min one on one call with me.

Want to get started? 


If you are interested in getting 1 on 1 business farm coaching from Daniel book in for a $17 Discovery call (approximately  45 minutes)


Please note

Daniel is offering general advice during this coaching. Daniel is not an accountant, a lawyer, a financial advisor or an expert in government regulations.


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