Electric Chicken Fence

Electric Chicken Fence

How to Set up an Electric Chicken Fence

Electrified poultry netting ensures the safe and secure keeping of outdoor poultry. Eggs are safe, and predators or over-inquisitive pets are kept at bay.

The Electric Chicken Fence is 120cm high and 50m long, and incorporates 11 horizontal electrified strands with strengthened top strand, and non-electrified verticals and bottom strand.

Electrification of all strands is by a combined loom at each end, complete with simple clips for attachment to any electrified fence wire.

Fence lengths can easily be connected for longer runs. Each 50m long fence incorporates 15 plastic posts with steel dual prong step-ins. The posts are evenly spaced along the net, and all have a double spike on the bottom, so they are easy to push into the ground with your foot.

This product is available to Australian customers only

I’ve been using a single chicken fence in a loop around my chickens to keep out the foxes…… it’s brilliant.

Cathy S, Victoria Australia

Double prong Chicken Caravan fence is the best I’ve used and I have tried single and double prong orange, green and white nets and the Chicken Caravan fence outperforms the rest by years, it’s a little more costly but worth it. Farmer from NSW

We’ve used 3 different types of fences in the last 7 years and the Chicken Caravan fence is best. Farmer from VIC

Hands down Chicken Caravan Double pronged fence is the best on the market. Farmer from NSW

I think the Chicken Caravan netting is the best quality chicken fences as far as I know. Farmer from NSW

We are really happy with the Chicken Caravan netting, its taller than the others on the market and it does not sag in between the posts. Farmer from NSW

Chicken Caravan netting is the best… you are just wasting your money with the other green and orange stuff. Farmer from NSW

I have purchased two electric fences, I just wanted to say

I’m a fan of your product. I LOVE my electric fences.

Our 20 chooks are safe and happy behind them.

C Wilson, NSW

Electric Chicken Fence- 50m long, 1.2m high

Customers outside of Australia – please contact us before placing an order

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