Electric Sheep and Goat Fence

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Electric Sheep and Goat Fence

Electric Sheep and Goat Fence

 A prefabricated fence that has 10 horizontal twines (9 conductive); is 106cm tall installed, and has large white plastic vertical struts every 30cm.

White PVC posts are built into the mesh every 12.5′. The result, when energized properly, is a nearly impenetrable mesh to sheep, goats and dogs.

This product is available to Australian customers only

Keep your Sheep and Goats in and the dogs out.

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • 106cm tall
  • Single spike posts
  • 50 Meters long
  • Fence lengths can easily be connected for longer runs.
Our 3rd one. Works great, have 2 others for chickens. We live in the woods of southern New Hampshire with bobcats, foxes, weasels and coyotes with no problems in the last four years. Be sure the chargers are turned on.  – Robert M from New Hampshire


This fence holds in goats and kids very well and is very lightweight. And holds up to moving every day better than others I have tried. It is way better then farm store brands. I have 3 rolls and have been very happy with it. – Stephen Z

12 Month Warranty

This product is working great for my meat goat herd. It’s portability and easy set up makes it ideal for getting my goats to all available forage on the corners and rocky areas of my property where traditional fencing is difficult to install. Even my most belligerent, fence pushing nannies respect it. 
– Beckett H from Idaho

Made in Germany

Electrification of all strands is by a combined loom at each end, complete with simple clips for attachment to any electrified fence wire.

I’ve used the fence for dairy cows and heifers, sheep and lambs, and goats and kids. It works well with all of them. Also, I have livestock guardian dogs that are very difficult to contain and regularly run away. They don’t digs under this fence and can’t climb it because it flexes. I didn’t think it would hold them, but all stay contained. I have also not had any entanglement problems. I’m picky and very pleased with this. 
– Mindy H from North Idaho


This is the best fence we have ever purchased to contain our sheep. We purchased one roll and immediately had to get another. They do not even try to get through it. We are going to use it to graze off around the edge of our farm and save ourselves dollars on hay cost. Worth every penny and then some.
– Curt S
These net fences are convenient and I love them. they are low maintenance and trust me the farm animals respect them. I do recommend having at least 5 of them for goats and sheep.
– Jody R from Virginia
This is good netting. It’s GREAT for temporary fencing, and especially if you’re moving your animal’s grazing areas frequently like I do with my goats.
– Dale P from Alabama


I use these fences to run my sheep in the ditches by the road where it is hard to cut the grass with a mower or tractor. These fences are easy to move , lightweight and have proven to be quite durable!
– David B
My goats respect this fence, its easy to move around.
– Luther D from Virginia

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