Gallagher S100 Solar Energizer with Iternal Battery

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Gallagher S100 Solar Energizer with Internal Battery

This energizer offers the following features:

  • Warranty 3 years (**Note: Battery warranty is 90 days or 2 years from manufacture date.)
  • Stored Energy 1 Joules
  • 360 degree mounting on steel posts for correct orientation toward the sun
  • Robust weather-resistant housing with a carry handle
  • Battery status indicator – provides peace of mind by indicating if the battery needs to be charged or replaced
  • Automated battery management, energizer will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun
This product is available to Australian customers only

Lead time on this item is about 7 business days

  • Suitable for 1 Chicken Fence
  • This energizer can be placed on the top of a star picket and is fully protected by a robust weather resistant housing.
  • Comes with an internal battery so it’s ready to go right out of the box.
  • Just point the solar panel towards the sun and turn it on.
  • 3-year factory warranty.