Pastured Egg Farming Success eBook

Pastured Egg Farming Success eBook

Pastured Egg Farming Success


Daniel OBrien, Farming Consultant, Founder of Chicken Caravan and Green Grass Egg Farming Podcast lifts the curtain to the huge demand, locally and around the world, for ethical, fresh Pastured Eggs and how you can produce, market and get them to the people who will become your fans, friends and customers for life.

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Introducing game-changing strategies, tools and reports, Daniel breaks down the principles of successful Pastured Egg Farming and show you how to take some happy hens, a portable shed and a grassy paddock, and turn it into a profitable, sustainable business that can be managed with just a couple of hours a day.

Dear Beginning Farmer,

My name is Daniel OBrien and I am passionate about helping sustainable farmers all over the world. If you want to know the step-by-step process of starting a Profitable, Pastured Egg Farm, act now.

Now before I tell you about what’s inside – please read what successful farmers and leaders of the sustainable farming movement are saying about “Pastured Egg Farming Success”:

“This comprehensive & intensely practical book is an inspiring down-to-earth instruction manual for the Pastured Egg Farmer. Whether you are just starting out on your sustainable egg farming journey or an existing ethical egg producer looking to make business improvements this detailed guide will be an essential reference tool for anyone interested in the sustainable production of ethical & tasty Pastured Eggs! An absolute pleasure reading guys!”

– Shane & Carolyn Green
Lirravale Open Range Eggs
Western Australia

“A welcome, informative text for anyone considering growing pasture raised eggs. Heaps of information shared by someone who’s done it and succeeded.”

– Anthony & Brenda Lipsys
Blue Sky Heritage Eggs
Biloela, Queensland

“This resource would have been very useful to us had it had been available when we started. Farming is such a progressive industry, and with just a little knowledge and a lot of passion, anyone can get started.

If I can pass on one bit of encouragement to someone considering it, I would say to find another farmer who does the same thing – they will not be your competition, as the market for genuine free range pastured eggs has so much room for expansion.

Keep your book on hand for reference and definitely get a Chicken Caravan – the investment is absolutely worth every cent!”

– Glenn & Sue Gemmill
Little Yarra Free Range Eggs
Launching Place, Victoria

Here’s a Sneak Peak Inside Pastured Egg Farming Success…

Part 1 – The Strong Demand For Ethical Eggs

  • How the Environmental Movement is changing consumer preferences to pay more for eggs that are produced ethically
  •  How your farm’s paddocks will produce healthier, more nutritious grass with the help of happy hens
  • Why pastured Egg Farming could have the lowest barrier to entry and be quickest to repay your investment

Part 2 – How To Setup Your Egg Business

  • How to start small and scale-up
  • How to use mobile sheds to save hundreds of hours in labor
  • How to reach customers who become loyal, lifelong fans of your eggs and other farm produce

Part 3 – How to Setup Your Farm

  • How to choose the right breed of hens
  • How to feed, water, maintain health and protect your hens from predators
  • How to systemize activities like checking, packing and fencing to save time, money and labor

And much more! Plus your free access to the Bonus Resources site.

Times are changing… People no longer want to be told that the eggs they’re eating are just ‘free range’.

Restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and supermarket customers want to know where their eggs come from.

More and more of them are making the switch to “pastured” – where the hens that produced those eggs spend most of their time scratching around in green grass, on open fields chasing juicy bugs, just the way it should be.

People intrinsically know that when they treat animals with respect and take care of the environment those animals live in, the result is produce that is delicious, high quality and sustainable for many generations to come.

They want the satisfaction of knowing that by choosing to buy your eggs, they are supporting a fully expressed, free and happy life for our feathered friends that give us so much.

That’s why being a sustainable farmer is about so much more than just earning a living. It’s an opportunity to do work that’s important, that nourishes people and makes a positive difference in the world.

This leaves huge opportunity on the table for farmers who choose to take action and produce delicious, pasture fresh eggs.

What I Wish I’d Known

I grew up on a farm, and have been interested in knowing what it is that makes the best quality egg since I was 15 years old.

It began with me building small scale, hoop-house chicken tractors out of PVC pipe and chicken wire for the chickens in the backyard.

I would experiment with different coop designs, feeds and breeds.

Then, when I was 24, I decided to go out and buy 2000 chickens to start my very own egg farm. Let’s just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

I made a lot of mistakes in those early days, but I quickly learned what it takes to be successful at selling pastured eggs.

Fast forward a few years and I’m now running Chicken Caravan with my brother, which builds moveable, labor-saving chicken sheds that have been thoroughly designed from the ground up to eliminate every unnecessary step and process involved in collecting clean, undamaged eggs.

Today, we are helping farmers around the world produce the finest eggs available.

You have the potential to become one of those farmers, and this book will show you how to avoid all of the mistakes that I and many other farmers made when they started out, so you can fast track your journey to Pastured Egg Farming Success.

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