Wall Mount Nesting Box 60

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Wall Mount Nesting Box 60

The Wall Mount Nesting Box 60 is suitable for 60 ISA brown laying hens. If you have a heritage breed of hens that are larger than ISA brown hens or hens that spend more time in the nesting box than ISA Browns you may have to reduce the number of hens accordingly.

This product is available to Australian customers only

We offer our high quality, automated wall mounted Rollaway Nesting Box System on its own to put into your own chicken shed.

The Rollaway system features a solar panel and battery. These operate the nesting boxes gates to open and close, so you don’t have hens in the nests at night dirtying the plastic laying mats.

 The nesting boxes offer fast and easy collection of eggs.

On the front of every nesting box module there are 2 privacy flaps – this helps the nesting area to be a little darker creating a safer and more comfortable environment for the hens.

The rollaway nesting boxes come Flat Packed ready for assembly.

 Please note the lead time on these nesting boxes is about 6 weeks